...I looked up to see that lovely smiley face balloon
...ooooh I just wanted to fly up there and give it a sloppy kiss

So it was finally here, after a year of waiting since the last one, the day me and Scottish Dave were going to drive down to Rye, East Sussex, for a smashing weekend. I started the morning in Surbiton getting my stereo so we could listen to some songs, from there I had to get to Canning Town, East London, but first on the way I swung by Stockwell to see a mate, then left there to go to Canning Town to meet Dave, who had a huge grin on his face, in his car to pick me up.

On the way down the journey was good, we managed to avoid the closed road, thank fuck, and just as we were wondering where to go when we started going through Rye town, we started to come on to open road. As we drove along a bit I looked up to see that lovely smiley face balloon, ooooh I just wanted to fly up there and give it a sloppy kiss.

We got into Pontins and drove into the car park after having our car literally stripped by the police like the email said it was gonna happen... erm not.

Then we had a few problems with mates arriving etc. However we managed to get in at 16.30 odd, then the fun began.

Got into our lovely 1980s deco chalet, number 116, then cracked open a few more ciders, followed by a welcome glass of sparkling rose and then a hefty shot of Tequila. Mmm, very nice. FInally left the chalet after seeing a few more friends to catch Congo Natty, Luna-C, Current Value and Venetian Snares.

I also saw someone in the Face Room before Congo Natty but I am not sure who it was, was some nice breakbeat though. In between some acts, trips were made back to the chalet for a smoke and chat as we were so near. However inside and outside the vibe of the festival was brilliant, everyone was well up for it, fuckin' quality.

It was cool how the security were lenient towards sound systems the first two nights, it was cool having people in a chalet and going to others to have a dance, that's one of the great things about the festival, the chalet almost becomes your castle. Most of the second day was about chilling in the chalets, talking to people and having a great time.

A few of us in the afternoon of Sunday from this website went to Boki's chalet to make up a bangface filth pint, which was a mixture of all alcohol we had plus a vitamin tablet, went down a treat, especially after having the night before and seeing great acts like Noisia, well only Noisia, because of some lame reason I actually never managed to see another act that day. A big fail on my part, a regret.

Anyhow, Sunday night and my music was finished with DJ Kentaro, thereon it was all about random dances in the chalet with numerous people, having a wee party, then all guests left and it was just the chalet crew, so we all had our own little chalet mash up.

Overall the days over the weekend are definitely some of the best of the year, the vibe - and the people - are that good. On Monday, got up, checked out, got home. Don't want to go into too much detail about Monday morning because it's pretty shit to think about how it felt to leave.

© 2009 Jem Güner and Ravetalk. Pictures courtesy of www.bangface.com.

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